...pink and gray, belated Birthday!  This card was sent to a dear friend, an inspiration, and definitely a happy uplifting person!  I wanted to use her favorite colors, and I also used a sketch challenge but I never seem to get them mailed and then posted before the challenge is over.  Oh well... I'm hoping she liked this, and REALLY hoping it extended her Birthday just a bit! 

I know, I know not so fallish, but her personality just speaks sunny days and butterflies!  I made it into a shaker card as you can tell by the glare in the lower right corner, it's something I don't make much of but wanted to see those punched butterflies move around a bit.  The small butterflies were punched (actually leftovers from another), sponged and added into the shaker with a bit of white FlowerSoft. Another tidbit is that the vellum butterfly is actually a two-layer die that added just a bit airiness.

Well I'm hoping she has it by now and enjoying it.  Thanks everyone for giving me a bit of your time, and your oh-so-wonderful inspiration and encouragement.



Birthday Hugs

Howdy, Peeps!  Just popping in with another card of late.  This one was colored with Copics using a Santoro stamp -- I just adore these little girls!

It seems like my lack of ability to get into my craft room in the past few months has created a lack of ability to create!  It seems like the end product just doesn't come off like I envisioned in my head.  Is that a thing?  I'm just hoping it's a dry spell caused by a lack of "practice" so....  back to the craft room I go!

Thanks for stopping by and sparing a little time for a visit!



Bloomin' Fresh Birthday

Howdy, Friends!  Is anyone tired of me trying to catch up yet?  I hope not because I have a couple more posts, then hopefully on to new creations...  This one is a stamp that I really enjoy, I tried playing with a couple flowers but just couldn't get them to layer how I saw it in my head.  I also really enjoy the colors on this one!  Not really fall, but pleasing to mine eyes anyway, and the colors fit the bill for the recipient, Daughter #1!

I am happy with the end product but hindsight I think I'd leave off the scoring in the flower petals.  This was actually a terrific idea from Hubbs, but I just didn't execute it correctly.   Something else to put on my list of "Learn How To Do" which is forever expanding...

Hope this find all of you warm, happy, and eager for beautiful days ahead!  There's been a lot of devastation this year across the US and around the world, I just pray that all of you made it out protected and blessed.

See you all soon, Sweet Friends!


Hip Hip Hooray....

While the saying makes me think of children, I really wanted to use this sentiment face place die to add a little fun!  When we get older, we don't always tend to think of Birthdays as happy occasions but as maybe a little more wear and tear on our bodies.  Alas, I wanted to focus to be different, and hopefully bring a smile to the receiver's face -- I believe it worked...

Masculine papers, but that oh so fun sentiment die!  Love it!  After the choice of pp, the rest all found into place.  I do wish my round corner edge would've matched the die a little better but we have to have something to try to improve, right?

Thanks again for popping in to see my little corner of blogland, and to leave such kind words -- they really do mean the world to me!



Fall-ish Birthday

It was Daughter #3's Birthday almost two months ago now...  I had made this card earlier but left it "un-sentimented" so I could use it for whatever the occasion.  With all the festivies between mid-August and early September, I was frantic!  So..... I went to my box of pre-made cards and resurrected this one for her Birthday!

What I really liked about this card is the distressed woodgrain inking on the background.  I love the color I chose and how it played into the strip of cs, and a good contrast to the fall die cuts; however, it's the one thing that also didn't photograph the best!  Frustrating, but I'll get over it...and a close-up:

Hopefully the background woodgrain is more visible, and you can see a bit more of the inking I did on each of the dies.

Are you ready for fall?  Well, actually it's been going on awhile but I happen to love the fall air, the brisk mornings and all those gloriously colored leaves!  Hope yours is wonderful!



Bride & Groom

One of the amazing events I was privileged to participate in this summer was the marriage of our middle daughter!  It all started in August when we went to Rockaway Beach. OR to stay in another son-in-law's family's beach house.  We were fortunate that Daughter #2 was able to fly in from Denver, to be with the rest of us there plus bring her fiance to meet the family!  What an amazing time, beautiful weather, fun times to include beachcombing, relaxation, shopping, great food and even a night at a local karaoke bar!  Yah, yah, you'd never expect me there but we had a wonderful time and it was amazing to meet a man who would shortly join our family.  BTW I have some pretty talented son-in-laws (and one "to be") with mad karaoke skills!

After the quick "meet", we flew to Denver early in September to be present at our daughter and new son-in-law's wedding.  A family dinner the night before, then...  The wedding was beautiful at an AirBnB up in the hills overlooking the great outdoors with family and some friends.  We only had a few short hours to actually be with them, but we were blessed to be there and enjoyed every second!

Ok, Ok, onto the card that I made for them, I actually LOVE the simplicity....

The stamp is so delicate that it challenged me to try to get it to show a bit more.  I stamped and embossed several times, but it's still pretty light.  It's in a silver tone to match the silver cs below.  I purposely shortened the front panel because I really liked that the white showed and gave it even more contrast.  Here's a close-up -

Before I leave, I'll share a photo of the family in Oregon, then a special one from the wedding  :o)

Mary, Shirley & Jo (hahaha, hope you got the play on words) -- along with their Loves, and E too!

Bride & Groom...

Man, I'm blessed!

Well, that's about it for tonight.  I've enjoyed popping in and visiting a few blogs and truly hope to see more and more!  Hope to see you all around, thanks so much for stopping in!  



Happy 80th Birthday, Dad!

My dad turned 80 in August and we had a fabulous get together, and celebrated a grand achievement!  I know we're living longer as a society, but it's still a great thing to say that someone turned 80 and they're enjoying, loving life!  It was a morning strategically orchestrated, and attended by quite a few people, just enjoying the company of each other and celebrating a perfect day.  This was my card... a masculine card, several dies used, and a great pack of manly pp (I lOvE the rich tones)!  Enjoy!

I added dimension to the HUGS since I didn't have to mail it, and a snippet of pp inside for a base below the sentiment.  This card kind of made itself except the placement of the sentiment stamp, which took me a bit.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm enjoying visiting a blogs as I continue to try to catch up on the last blur of 8 months!  See you around!